Market Maker Program

What is Better Opinions ?

Better Opinions is a platform which seeks to be the stock market of opinions. We let users trade on the outcomes in multiple categories while empowering them with actionable information to help them with their trades. Users can set their price, hedge and trade using Better Opinions.

What does a Market Maker do?

The role of a Market Maker is to enhance liquidity, improve market quality with respect to price discovery, and provide liquidity to fill specific order types. The Market Maker achieves this by ensuring that there is a continuous two-sided market with a consistently narrow spread for their securities of responsibility; posting orders as necessary to meet these goals. You can read more about Market Makers check here

IIT- KGP Competition

  • We will only take the first 150 users to register in the competition
  • We will provide 5K in their promotional / winnings balance and cut all source of incoming and outgoing funds i.e., they are unable to ToPup , withdraw or refer.
  • They will get more funds in their account based on the below structure:
  • Open trades are the liquidity orders i.e., orders which will not be instantly matched but later they are matched by someone
  • We will create 3 leaderboards:
    • MM: Users with the most open orders
    • GMV : User with generating the top GMV (Total value generated)
    • PNL : Users with top PNL/winnings
  • The top 5 in all three categories will be interviewed for the internship position.